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Grand Marshal
 & Natalie Heller
N-N Heller - Rodeo.jpg

Natalie and Noble Heller moved to the Ridgway area in 2005.  Noble set his sights on Ridgway as a place to retire to after visiting family that lived in Montrose in the 1970’s.   

Born in Milwaukee, WI, Noble had a 33 year career with a major retailer that saw the company grow from 7 to 750 stores.  As a senior executive, he oversaw all of the design and construction of its stores, corporate offices, distribution and data centers as the company expanded coast to coast. 

With Noble’s extensive experience in architecture, engineering and design, he had the opportunity to participate with the rebuilding of the arena and grandstands several years ago with a great group of other dedicated volunteers.  “The rodeo is my favorite local event of the year”. 

Noble and Natalie have volunteered with the Rodeo Association nearly from the beginning of their twenty-plus years of living full time in the Ridgway area.  Natalie’s photography and interest in western traditions naturally drew her into photographing the rodeo every year and sharing them with the Rodeo Association.   Natalie’s photography can be seen in local galleries. 

Noble’s most current volunteer project is putting together concepts for the proposed new Ranch History Museum in Ridgway. 

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