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Grand Marshal
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In May of 1999, after completing his last 24 hour shift of a 20 year career as a
firefighter/paramedic, John and wife Glenda and son John embarked on their Ouray County
Colorado adventure.

The Youngs quickly settled into their new Colorado home and began to seek ways to become
involved in their new community. What they found were plentiful opportunities to fit right in
and make a meaningful contribution. While Glenda and son John were staying busy, John
volunteered his time and experience with the Ridgway Fire Department and Ouray County EMS.
During this time period, John worked as a seasonal Ranger at Ridgway State Park responsible
for fire protection and EMS.

Through all of this John was not satisfied. He had an unfulfilled desire to be around rodeo and
rodeo people and to be a part of the whole scene. What better place to accomplish this than
Ridgway Colorado and the Ouray County Rodeo Association?

John served many years on the
Board as Vice President and was around to help put up the new arena. Currently, John is serving
on the Board of Directors. John’s hope for the future is that the rodeo tradition be preserved for many years to come and
that he can continue to be part of it.

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