2021 Grand Marshal

The Ouray County Rodeo Association (OCRA) is proud to                                             recognize Guy Gard as  the 2021 Rodeo Grand Marshal.

Guy is a transplant to the area, and married into the Ary                                                     family who ranched in  Ridgway for 3 generations.

Guy along with other Western Slope Rodeo contestants                                                  organized the Western Slope Colorado Rodeo finals,                                                          which were held in  Ridgway in 1995 and continued for                                                     several years.

He continued to be a part of the OCRA for 15 years serving                                                    as President and Rodeo Chairman. He was instrumental in                                                getting Dodge Corporation as a major sponsor and Flower                                                Motor Company along with it.

Guy would like to recognize the friendships he made while serving on the OCRA committee. He considers it a privilege to be chosen as a Grand Marshal. He would like to recognize the ranchers in the Ridgway valley who through their hard work and commitment to the western style, have made this rodeo a viable event for over 100 years.

Thank you Guy Gard  for your incredible service to our community.  We are honored and grateful to have you as the 2021 Ouray County Rodeo Grand Marshal!

Grand Marshal.jpeg