Skijoring Track 2020

Actual gate placement to be determined each day.

This years track will be similar to last years but we do have a few changes to spice things up for the spectators.

  1. The Gap jump stays, only this year it will have a bank landing to a third cross-over.  Only the Open skiers will hit the gap jump but everyone will have a jump to a third cross-over.

  2. We plan on adding rider rings and maybe skier rings to keep you on your toes.

  3. We are taking out one of the bowl turns but plan to add more terrain and rollers throughout the track.

  4. Snowboard, Novice, Sport, and Open will all run different courses.  The Swith-a-roo division will use the Novice and Snowboard track. 

  5. 2020's track will be technically tough for all competitors.  As you have seen in years past we are not afraid to make riders ride and skiers ski.  Are goal is to create something unique that will challenge competitors but will also be fun.

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