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Meds For Covid 19 Treatment

The treatment, called Paxlovid, is a protease inhibitor, a class of drug used to treat HIV and hepatitis C. The drug could potentially be used against other coronaviruses, in addition to COVID-19. Pfizer's new oral drug, Paxlovid, is the first COVID-19 pill to receive authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Take breaks from COVID-19 news and social media. Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of fluids.

Stay physically active. Get plenty of sleep. Avoid use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Stretch, breathe deeply or meditate. Focus on fun activities. Connect with others and share how you are feeling. Caring for yourself can help you cope with stress. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Meds For Covid 19 Treatment - Discount Place

Meds For Covid 19 Treatment - Discount Place

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