Traditional vs. 3D

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

At San Juan Skijoring, we will be using the traditional racing format with Junior, Novice, Snowboard, Switch-a-Roo, Sport, and Open Divisions. The Junior and Snowboard will each have their own course, and the Novice and Sport will have a separate course, followed by the Open Division on the Pro Course with the biggest features. The reasons why San Juan Skijoring will be following the traditional format is because we strongly believe this is a team sport. We believe that beginner competitors and professional competitors should not compete on the same course. We have found it impossible to build a course that would challenge all competitors and keep the sport enjoyable for all skill levels. We want our beginners to have fun and continue participating in the sport, but we also want our higher level competitors to have a challenge, not just a fast horse. Please let us know your thoughts, as we would love to hear them.

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