Match vs. Draw

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

A Match division is where competitors sign up as a complete team, Rider, Horse, and Skier/Boarder.

A Draw division is where names are drawn to create a team.

San Juan Skijoring will use a Match only format for the Junior, Snowboard, Switch-a-Roo, Sport and Open Divisions and a Match/Draw format for Novice Division.

Match/Draw means that you will sign up as a Match team for your first run, and then all the names will be randomly drawn for your Draw team. Draw teams will stay the same throughout the weekend. There will not be a new draw for Sunday. The reason San Juan Skijoring does this is to encourage competitors to meet new people and build new teams. It also discourages higher skilled teams from entering lower divisions because they are unsure who they will draw. It encourages them to sign-up in the Open or Sport Division where they can pick their two teams and increase their odds of winning.

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