Everyone can participate!

Are you new to the sport of Skijoring or a seasoned athlete? We have a division for you!

Junior Division

This division is for competitors 12 and under. All junior competitors compete for free and we encourage any juniors wishing to try Skijoring to reach out to us.

Snowboard Division

This division is for snowboarders. San Juan Skijoring will have a separate course set for the snowboarders. This will allow riders to attempt higher speeds while pulling a snowboarder with only one edge to cut and maneuver, resulting in a faster paced, move exhilarating competitive division.

Novice Division

This division is for beginner competitors. This is a great division for someone who is just learning the sport, or new to skiing and/or riding.

Sport Division

This division is for amateur competitors who have a better grasp of the sport and are more advanced in skiing and/or riding. The course will be the same as the novice division, but generally speaking the times are much faster.

Open Division

This division is for the professional competitor who is seasoned in the sport as well as in skiing and/or riding. They will run an entirely different course that will challenge both skiing and riding abilities.

Do you have questions?

Please comment on our blog with all of your questions!

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